Spokesman Introduction



Our spokesperson Jacky Cheung is a true Chinese superstar who is well received by a large demographic between the ages of 16 to 60, earning the nickname “God of Songs”. 

According to the statistics by IFPI, Jacky’s album sales volume exceeded sixty million by 2000 and ranks second to Michael Jackson in China. Jacky performs a variety of musical styles. In recent years he has tried R & B music and incorporated opera in his songs. In 2006, he released a new album with Jazz influences, which has been well received by his fans. His album sales ranked #1 in Asia and China.

Jacky’s image as a successful and healthy pop icon with a loving family resonates perfectly with our brand; he represents an inspirational figure to our customers.  He has had a tremendous impact on raising our brand’s profile and awareness.


Chinese name: Zhang Xueyou
Foreign Name: Jacky Cheung
Alias: God of Songs, Qizai
Nationality: Chinese
Nationality: Han
Hometown: Hong Kong
Date of Birth: July 10, 1961
Occupation: Singer, actor
School: North Point Government Primary School, Chongwen English School
Agency: Star Cultural Media Co., Ltd
Representative works: 1993 Kiss Goodbye, 1994 -Blessing   2007- At Your Side  2005 -"Perhaps •Love"
Major achievements: As of 2000, total album sales of 6 million copies
1998 Hong Kong Ten Outstanding Young
1999 the world's Ten Outstanding Young
Fifty people most influential in Asia (The Times)
Wife: May Lo (1996-present)
Debut date: 1984
Education: preparatory high school
Height: 1.76 meters
Weight: 145 pounds