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Values: Integrity, Responsibility, Passion, Innovation and Customer Success
Brand Vision: To become No 1 Business Menswear Brand in China
Corporate Principal: Customer, Staff and Society satisfaction
Corporate Mission: Promote dressing in fashionable style associate with lifestyle

People as core value – understand, nurture and respect people as pra.
Pragmatic, honest and trustworthy
Continuously pursuing fashion innovation. 

Corporate Essence: Always exceeding oneself and always strive for excellent.

Business philosophy: Sharing profits with stakeholders
Corporate aim: Reward employees, contributing to society.
Employment principal: Young, knowledgeable, professional, team work and career minded.
Four hurdles: hardworking, compensation, dedication and culture.
Three attributes: Royalty, professional quality, job performance.
Conduct criterion: modest, work with passion, trustworthy, respect, harmonious.
Code of conduct: work should follow certain rules, customary and practices, otherwise cannot be successful.
Staff awareness: Awareness of service, sense of learning, innovation and teamwork.

Talent Concept:
Honesty ---- This is a society of any person should have the basic qualities. Virginia employees on the importance of corporate loyalty requirements, focusing on the staff to handle the starting point for personal and business interests as the primary criterion for selection before training. Whether or not a person can truly reflect their honest dealing with people's attitude reflects his personal character, directly affecting the process of teamwork and cohesion trust each other, under the current spirit of cooperation is increasingly focused on internal corporate culture and cultural background, which also the basic requirements of any employee moral enterprise.