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Service objectives

Customers buying Xiniya’s products, not only can enjoy excellent Xiniya’s quality products, customers can also enjoy quality customer services. "Provide customers with excellent services" is the slogan of Xiniya’s services.


Service commitment

1, After buying Xiniya’s products, under normal wear, use, maintenance and washing, if quality issues arise, customers can enjoy the following services:
A) Within 15 days from the date of purchase, after the Company identifies the product as having quality issues, customers can rely on the invoice to enjoy unconditional return policy:
B) Xiniya provides repair, replace and return after sales services for suits, jackets and sweaters within one month; T-shirt, shirt and tie within two weeks; and leather goods within one month.

2, Suits and jackets sold within a month, if the Company identifies the product quality issues as a production process or material aspects of the product, after confirming can be repaired, customers can enjoy complimentary repair services.

3, Suits and jackets sold at any time, if damage was caused by wearing or improper maintenance, after confirming can be repaired, Xiniya can provide repair service with charges.



Address: Customer Service Department, 4th Floor, No 33 Wang Hai Road, Ruan Jian Yuan 2 Qi, Shi Ming District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province.
Customer Service hotline: 400-5900-28